Masjedi Shannon shows the ways to Victory

There are people who feel that success comes to those who are lucky enough, while there are others who know that success comes to all those who are willing to work really hard and follow the path to their dreams. Masjedi Shannon seems to be one such businessperson who is always ready to take up any challenges that come across her way. Throughout her life, she has struggled hard to reach the stage of life she is presently at.

For many years, Masjedi Shannon has worked as a real estate agent in Arizona and the nearby places of California. Due to her quality of work, she is popularly known as a lioness and has cracked several complicated deals. During the present times, Shannon holds various significant posts at Pacific Ventures Group Inc, including Secretary, Director, and Operating officer. While working on these posts, she tried her best to complete these tasks with absolute justice.

One night, Masjedi Shannon along with her husband in the kitchen decided to create something unique and exceptional for their audience that would be loved and admired by all. Working together along with a few food specialists and chefs, they decided to add some alcohol content into the mixture of ice cream. When they tasted their own created dish, they realized that they had created something very interesting. Finally, this was how the foundation for Snobar was laid. Masjedi Shannon worked for several years with full determination before she achieved fruitful results.

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