Shannon Masjedi – A successful Professional

Shannon Masjedi is a renowned business woman. She is the senior Vice President and creator of the groundbreaking product called SnoBar. The parlor includes a wide range of alcohol infused ice cream and ice-pops. Shannon with the combined efforts of her husband came out with this extraordinary creation, providing customers of all categories to enjoy to the fullest. Some of the unique ice cream flavors available at the parlor include Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander, Grasshopper and more. Among all of them, Pink Squirrel is one of the most loved alcohol infused ice-cream and is an ideal complement to any other dessert. SnoBar’s ultimate alcohol infused desserts are sure to please the most sophisticated individuals. Each of this creation is made with natural ingredients mixed with premium alcohol, with an amount of frozen cocktail in every portion.

The positive response Shannon Masjedi has received from her customers has encouraged her as well as her team to expand their areas of operation. Since this special drink contains some alcohol content, therefore it is especially sold to customers who are above the age of 21. The exclusivity of the products available at SnoBar has given it an edge over others and it has become one of the favorite choices among customers.

Shannon Masjedi is a multifaceted person and has shown extraordinary skills in every field she works in. She has amazing skills and a wonderful talent to attract customers to her side and satisfy them by working as per their requirements. Shannon Masjedi is an avid traveler and has traveled to various places across the globe which includes places like Rica, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Bali and a few more to name. It was during her travel that she gained immense knowledge about the various cultures that helped her to provide the best to her customers.

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