Masjedi Shannon and Her Diversified Success

Masjedi Shannon is a brilliant businessperson with extraordinary skills. She is the Vice present and co-creator of the innovative product SnoBar. Shannon is a passionate traveler and has traveled to various different places such as Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Turkey. During her tours, she has acquired immense knowledge about the various cultures that helped her to serve customers in a better way. For many years, Masjedi Shannon has also been working in the real estate sector. With years of hard work, she has gained special expertise and familiarity in successfully closing complicated real estate deals, providing her clients with high quality and effective services to help them in getting the best deals.  Masjedi Shannon is the holder of a real estate license in California and Arizona.

Not only this, but Masjedi Shannon is seen to be a multifaceted person and has the ability to adapt to different situations and assist clients in reaching out to their goals. Shannon reached heights with the success of the SnoBar.  One evening Shannon and her husband decided to create a unique dessert that could be appreciated by all. Therefore, along with a few food specialists, they added some amount of alcohol content into a mixture of ice cream. As a result of this, what came out was a unique creation. The cocktail includes a complete line of alcohol-infused ice pops and ice cream. The ice-pops are available in a variety of flavor.  This cocktail is sold to customers above the age of 21 as they contain alcohol content.

SnoBar’s alcohol infused desserts are sure to please the most sophisticated people.

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