The Success Story of Shannon Masjedi signifies her zeal

Shannon Masjedi is a brilliant woman, whose extraordinary skills speak it on her behalf. She is the senior vice president and creator of the innovative alcohol infused ice cream parlor SnoBar. To put it in simple words, she is an artistic business entrepreneur and her success signifies her passion and zeal. She has tried her luck in the real estate sector and also in the beer and technology industry. Her proficiency as a business woman has generated implausible business opportunities. Shannon Masjedi has the ability to multi-task and easily adapts to all situations that come across her way. She is the real estate license holder in Arizona and California and understands the real estate industry properly. She provides her clients with outstanding and useful services to help them in cracking the best deals.

The idea of Snobar was a combined effort of Shannon Masjedi and her beloved Husband. One evening, Shannon Masjedi requested her husband to prepare a dessert for her that was unique and out of all. Together, they worked with several food specialists and scientists and added some alcohol content to a mixture of ice cream that they had prepared. What came out as a result was the alcohol infused ice cream pops available in different flavors shaking everyone’s taste buds. Each of these ice candies is made of natural ingredients and is sure to please the most sophisticated people. This creativity of theirs has given them a platform making it the favorite among consumers.

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