Shannon Masjedi – An Epitome of Self Belief

In spite of the fact that there would be a few people who might say that achievement goes to the individuals who are fortunate, there are the realists who realize that achievement comes just to the individuals why should willing work truly hard and take after their fantasies. Shannon Masjedi happens to be one such individual – she is somebody who has endeavored to achieve the phase of life she is in the blink of an eye at.

At present, Shannon holds a few essential posts at Pacific Ventures Group, Inc., including Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Director. Notwithstanding these, she had likewise served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Pacific Ventures keeping in mind she held these posts, she ensured that she did the posts, finish and supreme equity.

Today, Shannon Masjedi is investing a larger part of her energy, in creating and expanding the span of her greatest example of overcoming adversity yet, Snobar. What began off as a fun test in the kitchen, with her significant other, turned into a runaway achievement and today, keeps on developing as a brand to be figured with. Snobar is one of the main brands on the planet to inject liquor with frozen yogurt, prompting the production of a solidified pastry that is only for grown-ups.

On top of this, Shannon Masjedi, is likewise an authorized land specialist in Arizona and California, empowering her to bring home the bacon effortlessly and power. Truly, Shannon Masjedi has been perceived to let the big dog eat that others consider confounded. Till date, she has possessed the capacity to unites homes and families, all over Arizona and California.


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