Shannon Masjedi and her successful career

Shannon Masjedi is the Senior Vice President and Co-Creator of the innovative product called, SnoBar. These cocktails include a complete line of alcohol-infused ice-pops and ice creams. The products available at the SnoBar lets customers enjoy to the fullest. This modern twist is considered as a must-serve frozen cocktail.

Not only this, but Shannon Masjedi has also been working in the real estate sector for the past many years. Over the years, she has successfully gained special expertise and experience in closing down especially complicated real estate deals. Masjedi understands it very nicely that the real estate industry is quite dynamic and changes on a constant basis. She provides her clients with high-quality and effective services to help customers in getting the best deals.

Other than this, Shannon Masjedi is also an avid traveler and spent time at places all around the globe. She has traveled to places such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and more. Whenever she feels the need of a break after a hectic schedule, she loves to travel to different parts of the country. Her travel expeditions let her explore different cultures and traditions. Masjedi Shannon understands the needs of her clients and tries to serve them in the best possible manner in order to get outstanding results.

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