Shannon Masjedi and her success at the SnoBar

Shannon Masjedi is the Co-Creator of the innovative product called, SnoBar. The cocktails available here include a complete line of alcohol-infused ice-pops and ice cream. This modern twist is considered as a must-serve frozen cocktail. This modern drink is made up from a mixture of premium vodka, triple sec, and cranberry. A few exciting flavors available are Grasshopper Ice Cream, Pink Squirrel and lots more. Pink Squirrel, which became a popular dessert is a perfect complement to any dessert. SnoBar’s alcohol infused desserts please the most sophisticated palates. Each of these extraordinary dishes is made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol with a frozen cocktail in every serving. Every ice-pop and scoop of ice cream is equivalent to a standard cocktail.

Not only has this Shannon Masjedi received an amazing response from its customers who encourage her and her team to expand their areas of operations. Since the products offered at SnoBar are alcohol infused, thus they are mostly offered to customers above the age of 21. The uniqueness of products available at the SnoBar has given it an edge over its competitors.

Other than this, Shannon Masjedi is a passionate traveler and has traveled to various places across the world such as Turkey, Singapore, Spain and more. During her travels, Shannon Masjedi gained a great amount of knowledge and came to know about the cultures and traditions of different countries. This helped her to serve her customers in a better way.

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