Shannon Masjedi – The Woman With Vision

There are women who are the reason for the success that the men in their lives have and then there are women, who along with the men in their lives, become success stories themselves. Shannon Masjedi is one such person – what started as a late night dessert craving turned into a multi-million dollar business and today, Shannon sits at the head of it all.

When Shannon told her husband that she wanted to be surprised, little did she know that they would end up laying the foundation of Snobar, a revolution in the world of frozen desserts. By adding some alcohol to ice cream mixes, Shannon, along with her husband, created a range of frozen treats, which were meant exclusively for the adult audience. Today, Snobar has fans all over the world and most of the success associated with the brand can actually be attributed to Shannon Masjedi. Most of the flavours came from the creative mind of Shannon and today, they have become an integral part of the Snobar menu!

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Shannon Masjedi is also an incredible businesswoman, because she has dabbled in a variety of domains, including real estate. She has real estate licenses in Arizona as well as California and in the past several years, she has been able to find houses that have gone on to become homes for several families. Her expertise actually lies in closing deals, which in general would be termed extremely complicated, but when they reach Shannon Masjedi, the deal can be considered done and dusted!

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