Shannon Masjedi Creates Her Own Path To Success

Although there would be several people who would say that success comes to those who are lucky, there are the realists who know that success comes only to those who are willing to work really hard and follow their dreams. Shannon Masjedi happens to be one such person – she is someone who has worked hard to reach the stage of life she is presently at.

At present, Shannon holds several important posts at Pacific Ventures Group, Inc., including Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Director. In addition to these, she had also served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Pacific Ventures and while she held these posts, she made sure that she did the posts, complete and absolute justice.

Today, Shannon Masjedi is spending a majority of her time, in developing and increasing the reach of her biggest success story yet, Snobar. What started off as a fun experiment in the kitchen, with her husband, became a runaway success and today, continues to grow as a brand to be reckoned with. Snobar is one of the only brands in the world to infuse alcohol with ice cream, leading to the creation of a frozen dessert that is exclusively for adults.

On top of all this, Shannon Masjedi, is also a licensed real estate agent in Arizona and California, enabling her to close real estate deals with ease and authority. As a matter of fact, Shannon Masjedi has been recognised to close deals that others consider complicated. Till date, she has been able to brings homes and families together, all over Arizona and California.

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