Masjedi Shannon Shows The Ways To Triumph

Several women, all over the world, indulge in experimentation and while many of them have success, there are a few who are not so successful. However, even the ones that are successful, often do not reach the kind of potential that could. Their experiments are often left within the kitchen, or at the most reach their family and friends. But in the case of a rare few people, such as Masjedi Shannon, a fun experiment in the kitchen turned into a success story that everyone now envies.

One night, Shannon and her husband were in the kitchen and they were trying to create a new type of ice cream. They decided to add some alcohol into the mix and when they tasted what they had created, they immediately knew that they were onto something really interesting. And hence the foundation for Snobar was laid – but the success did not come to Masjedi Shannon immediately, because there were several months invested into the company, before it actually saw the light of day.

For the next several months, Shannon worked with chefs, mixologists as well as food scientists, trying to understand the right flavour profiles, which ingredients froze best and at what temperatures and whether certain ingredients were not meant to be in the mix at all. Finally, Masjedi Shannon had her perfect frozen cocktails including Mojito, Margarita, Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander and the most popular flavour, Pink Squirrel. The desserts have won accolades and much love from the adults audience, all over the world, giving Masjedi Shannon the success story that she truly deserved!

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